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  • Today my brother Peter and I grabbed our rods and when's exploring downriver from Orleans on the Klamath River. I was curious as to whether or not the fishing would be much different 20 miles down the river and after the Salmon and Klamath rivers had merged but the fishing

  • After a couple slow days (slow being one to two half pounders per two hours on the water) fishing for steelhead on the Klamath river picked up again today! I hit a few places along the river and had my best luck at Green Riffle. The strikes were often back

  • I was excited to continue working on my cast with my new Sage Switch One and headed down to the river below Marble Mountain Ranch. It was a hot evening but the sun was off the water around 5:30pm as I was tying on a new pattern I had tied

  • I fished the Klamath River below Marble Mountain ranch twice today. On my first outing I caught two steelhead. The first was a small adult that was very thick and strong and the second fish was an average sized half pounder. When I went back out in the afternoon I

  • We had some clients from our summer program here today and we decided to take the drift boats out for a day fishing. We did a stretch on the Klamath river that passes below Marble Mountain Ranch. We had a great day for how early it is i n the

  • I snuck out this morning for a quick fly fishing trip below Marble Mountain Ranch on the Klamath river for steelhead. I saw several large salmon jumping and rolling and a few steelhead doing the same. I was only there a short time but I caught one mid-sized steelhead, a

  • It was an extremely windy morning on the river with a storm front blowing in while I was fishing from between 10:00am and 12:00pm. I fished a variety of flies before I started getting strikes. In total I landed two steelhead the largest being a few pounds and connected with

  • Today I managed to swqueeze in an hour of fishing with a new fly pattern I tied. I caught two half pounders and had several more that felt like large half pounders on the line. As has been becoming the norm I was accompanied by another very large black bear.

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